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John Assaraf has discovered the key to achieving an extraordinary and fulfilling life training your brain. As a world-leading expert on neuroplasticity and the mindset and behavior expert behind NeuroGym, John's mission is to help all people achieve greatness.

He has appeared on CNN, Larry King Live, Ellen, the New York Times, and other notable media outlets.

Thousands of people have already benefited from this FREE Webinar that can help you make extraordinary life changes.

What you’ll discover on this webinar:

  • - How to recognize and release your biggest fears in no time flat.
  • - How to turn negative emotions into jet fuel for motivation and change.
  • - How to use "retrain the brain" techniques to overcome the biggest obstacles in life.
  • John Assaraf will share a myriad of brilliant concepts and ideas that have helped thousands of people overcome their anxiety. 

You Can Change Your Life Through Neuroplasticity

What is neuroplasticity? It is the brain's ability to create new neural pathways that closely mimic the function of nerve pathways that are damaged or not working correctly. By thinking your way out of your fear, you can find the neural pathways in the brain that over time will become conditioned to provide responses to fear based issues in positive ways rather than negative ones.

Here are 5 quick suggestions on how to take advantage of neuroplasticity:

1. Get in the habit of taking risks:

Develop the courage to take risks, make decisions, face challenges, and earn trust. Explore past experiences, discover your fears and nullify them to move forward in life.

When you feel, do it anyway! Do this for 30 straight days!

This will help you change your old ways of thinking, including offering suggestions for positive affirmations to use.

2. Handle fear differently, including naming the fear

We often tell ourselves, "I'm scared". But saying "I'm scared" puts you in a mindset of victimhood. It's the same as saying, "The thing that scares me has power over me." And it's true! When you're scared, your attention is owned by the thing that scares you.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, become an observer and feel where the bodily sensation of fear resides. This will help "objectify" fear and not turn on the "flight or fight" response. Identify and name the fear so it becomes less overpowering.

3. Stop being hypercritical of yourself for feeling fear

Everyone gets scared at some point. Whether it's taking a risk, making a major decision or meeting a new friend - we've all been there. The good news is that fear comes from a protective part of our brain that wants to keep us out of danger. The bad news is that it often gets the better of us and comes across as negative self-talk & negative emotions.

Stop the "blame game of fear," and know that it is a normal part of the human condition.

4. Breathe Deeply

For thousands of years, breathing and meditation practices have been used to treat anxiety disorders. When your mind is racing with worry and fear, you can often calm it by consciously controlling your breathing. Breathing exercises can help calm the nervous system down and reduce fear.

5. Visualize a successful outcome

Visualization can be used to overcome fear. If you are about to do something you are afraid of, visualize the scenario play out in your head before you do it until it becomes second nature.

Visualization can be used to harness positive emotions and create new habits. It isn't just a woo-woo concept, it has been scientifically proven to work.

Your brain is at your disposal -- you can make it work for you or against you. Ending anxiety is possible when you understand how the brain works.

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